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Bryson Tiller Gets Sidewalk Praise In London, 'Exchange' Artist International Tour Going Well

Bryson Tiller's music is one of the hottest new acts popping in the hip-hop and r&b world today. Tiller's fans, apparently, reach worldwide. Just listen.

Bryson Tiller, a.k.a. Pen Griffey, posted a video to his Instagram from his international tour. While in London, Bryson exited his tour bus and made his way into the London concert building.

However, Tiller wouldn't get inside without being met with a barrage of screams and chants.

A video posted by pen griffey (@brysontiller) on

As can be heard from the video, Bryson Tiller and crew found his fans' reactions amusing. However, what would you expect, right? Tiller's only the hot topic of urban music today.

Interestingly enough, Bryson Tiller has even coined a different sector of music called "TrapSoul." Likewise, that's the same title of his debut album. Take a listen at the crowd participation from his London show.

Nevertheless, right now, Bryson Tiller is getting ready for his April 1st performance in Paris, France. Then, on April 2, Tiller will be performing in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Moreover, on April 3, Bryson will be in Brussels, Belgium.

A photo posted by pen griffey (@brysontiller) on

In recent events, Brussels came under terrorist attacks. Since then, several musical acts have canceled performances due to potential dangers. However, Bryson Tiller hasn't mentioned canceling his show. So, until he mentions otherwise, it's still on.

You can see Tiller's tour schedule below.

A photo posted by pen griffey (@brysontiller) on

What are your thoughts about Bryson Tiller? This international tour is getting him worldwide exposure. Do you think he'll be the next "Drake"? Feel free to leave your comments in the section below.

[Image via Instagram]
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