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PartyNextDoor Songs: 'Come And See Me' Shows Off Different Side

PartyNextDoor's song "Come and See Me" is stirring music enthusiasts left and right. It seems that this track shows a different side of PDN. What do you think?

"I hear you talking 'we' a lot/Oh, you speak French now?" PartyNextDoor is building more upon his unique style of R&B. While PND's fans are used to hearing his self-produced music tracks along with his vocal backing, apparently the "Come and See Me" artist focused more on vocal delivery on this song.

You can hear how Drake and PartyNextDoor vibe off each other's energy within the bars. If you didn't hear the microphone differences between the two, you might not think both artists were on "Come and See Me."

Nevertheless, if you haven't heard PartyNextDoor's new song yet, feel free to listen below.

PartyNextDoor - Come and See Me feat. Drake

According to PartyNextDoor, "Come and See Me" was composed by one of Drake's key producers, Noah "40" Shebib.

Shebib has been responsible for the music behind several of Drake's hits. And, from the looks of things, he'll shine bright on Drake's Views from the 6 album as well.

However, to digress, if you're unfamiliar with the topic of "Come and See Me," and haven't been in this type of situation, you might not relate with PartyNextDoor's lyrics.

PartyNextDoor's Song Elaboration

Regardless of your type of relationship, whether "situationship," friendship, or something more complicated, it gets frustrating when things are one-sided, right? PartyNextDoor's lyrics state, "Come and see me for once. You don't ever come to me."

Yet, in the same breath, you need to have a mutual understanding of the situation. Like PartyNextDoor stated in the beginning, don't say "we" unless that's a mutual understanding.

All in all, with this preview, is PartyNextDoor gearing his listeners for his upcoming album? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments, below.

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