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Hamburger Helper's Mixtape 'Watch The Stove' Blazes The Internet

Hamburger Helper's Watch the Stove mixtape is blazing the internet. It's actually hot, no pun intended. Helper has even shot music videos.

Hamburger Helper's mixtape does the food game justice. Listening to its tracks gets you hype enough to run to the store to pick up a box of Helper's best dinner plans. You can check out the mixtape below.

Hamburger Helper's Lefty - Watch the Stove

According to Multivu, Hamburger Helper sought the help of McNally Smith College of Music's students, in St. Paul, Minnesota. The source notes that Hamburger Helper was responding to social messages which recommended that the dinner brand complete a mixtape, as mentions Hamburger Helper's marketing communications planner Ashley Wright. So, it happened...and it's fire.

As aforementioned, Hamburger Helper has already finished two music video productions:
  1. In Love with the Glove
  2. Crazy
"In Love with the Glove"s actress, Jenessa Andrea, says that she and Hamburger Helper's Lefty are officially an item.

A photo posted by Jenessa Andrea (@jenessa_andrea) on

As for "Crazy," the track was created by Theory and illWIN.

For the most part, the company wanted to relate to the people. According to a quote from Helper's creative lead, Liana Miller, the company wanted to make the mixtape similar to Hamburger Helper's own values of "for the people, by the people."

However, it seems that other beef foodies are about to jump in the rap game as well. Whataburger responded to Hamburger Helper's mixtape with potential names of its own future mixtape.

If you remember during Drake and Meek Mill's beef, Whataburger slammed Meek for not providing quality beef. Mill caught "L"s from everyone though.

All in all, what do you think about Hamburger Helper's new mixtape? Is it not brilliant marketing? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.
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