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Nick Jonas 'Stoked' As New Creative Recreations Brand Ambassador

Nick Jonas is the new face of self-made shoe brand Creative Recreations. The company made the announcement on April 6.

Nick Jonas took to Instagram to give a shout out about his endorsement with Creative Recreations. Jonas mentioned as follows.

"Stoked to announce that I've teamed up with Creative Recreation as their new brand ambassador. Can't wait to share this project with you guys."

Nick's endorsed company posted a similar message via its own Instagram page as well. Gladly, they welcomed Jonas to the company's "family" atmosphere.

If you're unfamiliar with the shoe brand Nick Jonas is now representing, the company has grown its public awareness via an extensive and ongoing social media campaign.

A photo posted by Creative Recreation (@creativerecreation) on

As Jonas is fully-aware, this shoe company has a wide array of authentic, high-quality shoe apparel. Likewise, its prices are affordable, as compared to what the company could actually charge for the fabric grade.

Nick might be the next step for this shoe brand's social campaign. While Jonas is one of the hotter names in music, today, it's only ideal that Creative Recreations would seek to bring him on-board, right?

For the most part, the company has been around since 2002 and was founded in Los Angeles, California. According to the official website, the Nick Jonas endorsed company was "inspired by the spirit of street-art, with its bold, creative expression and out of bounds thinking."

So, why not bring the face of music into the mix? Feel free to share your thoughts on Nick Jonas' Creative Recreation endorsement.

[Image via Instagram]
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