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The Gap Ad: Company Pulls Ad Amid 'Racist' Allegations, But Look At Prior Year's Ad

The Gap has agreed to pull its 2016 ad due to "racist" allegations that one of the girls were being used as a prop. However, is it really racism?

While racism has certainly been a pressing issue of 2016, so far, this might not be one of those cases.

According to USA Today, the company pulled the Gap ad, as it was called "racially insensitive." The source notes that the Gap ad contained four members of the "Le Petit Cirque" group. This is an all-humanitarian cirque kids group, one that focuses on kids between the ages of 5 to 14.

According to Fortune magazine, Gap prides itself as a company that emphasizes diversity among its followers. Gap's spokeswoman Debbie Felix stated as follows.

"As a brand with a proud 46 year history of championing diversity and inclusivity, we appreciate the conversation that has taken place and are sorry to anyone we've offended."

If you take a look at the previous year, the situation was reversed. Yet, there were no calls to racism as the ad's culprit. Is it possible that the Gap ad is simply being twisted?

Disclaimer: The following Instagram post's caption contains explicit language. Viewer discretion is advised.

Sooo what's the problem? #gapad I love my people, I do but chill.. It's a photo and no one said shit last year when the skin tones were reversed. I think some of yall are bored. Who reads this deep into an innocent photo...just think those kids were so happy to be in this add and probably excited to show their friends and family only to have it made into a racist spat over bullshit. 😐😑 If the #blackgirl was in the gymnast pose they'd argue sexualizing her, if she were the feet, they'd argue why her face wasn't good enough to be shown, if she wore the adventure shirt, they'd argue why she couldn't wear the LOVE shirt, that GAP saying lil black girls aren't loved. 😕😐 #racism or #oversensitive we have to STOP making everything into a race issue and focus on the REAL race issues!!! #theshaderoom #kids #gapkids
A photo posted by Winnie Mo Dixon (@momerrell82) on

Sure, companies do a lot of subliminal advertising and messaging, by which many have skated under the radar. However, this Gap ad might not be one of those cases.

What are your thoughts? Feel free to share them in the comments below.
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