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Ciara Loses Custody Battle For Baby Future [Updated Video]

Ciara Loses Custody Battle For Baby Future

After grueling months, Ciara loses the custody battle for baby Future. How do you think the singer is reacting?

Well, it's probably as you would expect for a mother who was fighting for sole custody and lost. Most likely, it wasn't easy for her to hear, especially given the time she has put into raising him thus far.

Ciara Leaving Court After Custody Battle with Future

 Although she was unresponsive at first, according to Ciara's Twitter page, she is taking the positive side of the situation, rather than focusing on the fact that the Los Angeles judge denied her sole custody of Future Zahir.

Newsday reports that rapper Future had filed for joint custody the day before they were to appear in court. While Ciara wanted sole custody, Future also has the ability to take care of his son, Zahir, financially. Whatever the case, the judge didn't grant the Ciara her requested custody.

Unless there's some type of evidence to show that Future is an unfit parent and would possibly endanger Zahir, it seems that the two will continue to co-parent baby Future from separate homes.

Obviously, Ciara's fiance', Russell Wilson is having a lasting influence on the singer. Now, many times when you see the Atlanta singer, she has a glowing smile on her face. Likewise, even though she has been denied total custody, she proclaims that all is well.

In other Ciara news, she took part in the Running Man Challenge...and on an airport runway. As Russell Wilson exited his plane, Ciara was there to greet him. However, seemingly, everyone was in on it but Wilson, himself. You can watch in the video below.

Ciara Accepts the Running Man Challenge

All in all, what do you think about the situation with Ciara and Future's possible joint custody decision?

Have you ever been in a similar type of circumstance? What was your result? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.
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