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Tony Bhaingz is an entertainment and music news medium. It excels at bringing you the latest and greatest information about your favorite celebrities.

While everyday people are just as important as celebrities, for psychological reasons, these affluent individuals tend to influence public perceptions. And, like it or not, more people keep up with entertainment news than they'd like to admit. Otherwise, it wouldn't be such a popular news genre, right?

Well, this is Tony Bhaingz's emphasis in the news world. It's our job to keep you informed about the celebrity elite and their influential endeavors. Some are good. Some are bad. But, they're all newsworthy, as far as celebrity information is concerned.

However, Tony Bhaingz doesn't just cover celebrity news. It also provides its readership with fashion, lifestyle, and buzzworthy stories to help appease your taste.

So, feel free to subscribe to our articles, so you'll be current in all the "social talk" among your friends and colleagues.
Antonio J. Newell is a Los Angeles-based journalist. Some of his news emphases include: celebrity news, famous relationships, movie releases, music coverage, and trending stories. [Antonio J. Newell] (


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