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Website Undergoes Maintenance For May Relauch

"Tony Bhaingz" is currently undergoing site maintenance. Essentially, the website is revamping its focus and demographic. While it used to focus on "beats," situations have evolved. And, for this reason, Tony Bhaingz feels it's time to reach a larger audience.

The website is on schedule for a May 1 relaunch. At that time, several kinks and glitches should be fixed and adjusted. Likewise, more options will be available for Tony Bhaingz's audience.

Yet, in the meantime, feel free to engage with Tony Bhaingz via various social media icons on this website. Until the relaunch, we look forward to providing you with updates.

Moreover, at the relaunch, if you'll "need beats," those will be available as well as entertainment news. Tony Bhaingz has also been creating new music, and it's just in time for your projects.

If you have any inquiries, please contact us via any of the noted social media accounts.

Thank you again for your patience.


Tony Bhaingz Team
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